How did it start?  [Part 1]

How did it start? [Part 1]

Since I was a little boy, I loved pulling things apart; telephones, old appliances, riding tractors and toys were my victims. The satisfaction of figuring out how something worked was intense, but the gratification of putting it back together and often working better than it started was like a drug.   

As time went on, my interests grew from disassembling trinkets into fixing cars and quads. When I became a father, I had the added motivation of creating something for the good of my family. Fixing other people's toys became a good source of income. I had more and more opportunities to earn and provide and pay for my own toys. 

At some point, the fixing took a back seat to the "improving." It probably happened after my last ATV race. The physical roll that race took on my plumb, unconditioned 41 year old body was too much.  I sold all my ATV's and decided I was done fixing stuff, I just wanted to ride.  I'd buy something new, something unadulterated and keep it that way until I was old and grey.   The idea of spontaneously heading out to the nearby trails without so much as oiling a chain was tempting.  But the lingering reality of how many days it took to recover from a days ride on a well-built Trx450R was ever so present.  I decided the best option would be a side by side. 

I wasn't a complete newb to the concept. I'd been to the Glamis sand dunes enough that I knew SxS's were the way to go. But I also knew the reliability of a belt seemed like a weak spot and incompatible with my dream of owning a trouble free 4-wheeled toy... 

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