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Honda Talon Headlight Kit - [Rigid]

Honda Talon Headlight Kit - [Rigid]

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Introducing the ultimate headlight replacement kit for your 2019-2022 Honda Talon R/X! Say goodbye to average lights and experience true brightness with our custom solution. This kit includes 4 Rigid Pro D-series cube lights, delivering an impressive 12,000+ lumens through 2 flood and 2 spotlights, ensuring unparalleled visibility during your evening rides.

The package also comes with a mounting bracket, 15a replacement fuse to support the additional power draw, and 2 custom harnesses for easy installation. Unlike the stock Honda Talon lights, our kit takes your machine to the next level, enhancing your vision on the trail.

Compared to other options, our kit stands out for two reasons. First, we're Honda Talon owners ourselves, so we understand the need for innovation and functionality. Second, our lights are from a trusted name brand, Rigid, backed by a lifetime warranty. You won't find a better brightness specification in the "sportsman" class lights out there.

So, if you're ready to elevate your driving experience and witness a noticeable difference in visibility, give our headlight replacement kit a try. Take the leap and see the trail like never before!  

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